PT. Rekajasa Asyatama was established on July 24th, 2004 with business concern and operate on the supplying Sole Distributors instrumentation tools ( such as Recordable Digital Pressure Gauge from Crystal Engineering Corp.-USA, Helically Coil Temperature Gauge from NessTech Inc.-JAPAN and Lubricating Systems from Lubriquip Inc.-USA ) & calibrators for instrumentation tools ( such as Recordable Digital Pressure Calibrator and Gauge Comparator from Crystal Engineering Corp.-USA and Temperature Calibrator from ThermaCal Inc. –USA ), also contract service for OnLine Valves Maintenance and Lubricating Systems on some Industrial Facilities such as on Oil&Gas Companies, Petrochemical Companies, Cement Plants, Sugar Mills, etc. PT. Rekajasa Asyatama focused on supplying and servicing above Sole Distributors’ Instrument Toolsto our valued customers and contractors, as well as increasing our activities in all markets segments, with special emphasis on Indonesia territory only. The value-added benefits that may be derived by our customers include the following:
  1. Sole Source for Recordable Digital Pressure Gauge,
  2. Consolidated Purchase,
  3. After Sales Service and Support,
  4. Reducing Operating Costs,
  5. Term of Guarantee including 12 months from factory, and 3 months after commissioning date.
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